A Mother’s Thank You


I read, “Age Does Matter” you posted on your site.  I must tell you that I agree 110% with everything you wrote.

I have a 14-year-old daughter that also does modeling here and there, as you know, and I guide her with the same principles as yours. When I share your words with Shannan, she always agrees with your opinion.  She trusts you even though we live far away, and we value your knowledge so much.

To me, it gives me peace of mind that I am taking her in the right direction by letting her be a “model” sometimes, and really waiting for you to help her when the time is right. To Shannan, it gives her strength to be patient by really understanding the process. She is getting some experience she can use  to continue the journey and work full time as a model when she grows up.

This is a note, just to say “Thank You” again for you being a great professional and a wonderful person. I hope all the inspired teenagers, who want to work as a full time model one day, and their parents, have a chance to read your words about age and modeling, just like Shannan and I did.


Ursula and Shannan