Derek Keene

The introduction…..











Kaylan Beauty Shot











Photographer: Jason Abbott

Gina Wiberg and One Model Management NEW Website

Gina Wiberg is part of the One Model Management Site relaunch!

Take a look with link below….








Gina’s New York Book

Photo by Scott MacDonough



Happy Birthday to Shannan

In my business birthdays are a really big deal.

Watching and waiting is the most exciting part. Shannan just had her 15th birthday and went to Universal with her parents to celebrate. I thought it would be fun to mark that moment with a picture. And with this birthday she is now 5’9″. Still waiting for those braces to come off in December and I think it will be worth the wait.

Gina Wiberg and One Management

Gina was in New York this summer testing and working on her book. One Management will officially introduce her later this year with new images, and in the meantime allowed Gina to show you one image. More to come from Gina and One.









Photographer: Scott MacDonough

Courtesy of One Management NYC


Katrina Fitzpatrick NEW test shots












Introducing Derek Keene from Mississippi

Derek is from Mississippi, 20 years old and 6’1″.
He is the exception to our rule of only managing female models, because we think Derek is exceptional.
Derek also plays music and sports, and decided to take a break from college to give modeling a try.
Photographer: Brian

Wyatt with IMG Models in New York

Timing is everything, and so difficult to explain to anyone why, how and when it will happen. The time and experience of watching many models make the transformation has given me great satisfaction. It is something we see and just know. One of the best parts of my job is watching young women actually turn the corner into becoming  a model. It is that time for Wyatt. After a month in New York this summer, her agency, IMG was and is very excited about Wyatt’s return to NY and we are making plans for her next step.

Photographer: Terry Gates

Courtesy of IMG Models NYC

Introducing Anna C. from Maryland

Anna is an outdoor girl who surfs and lives by the ocean. At 14 years old and 5’7″ with a size 10 shoe, we can’t wait to see her when she is as tall as the rest of her family. Her very first test with Oliver McAvoy.

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