Introducing Brittney M. from Texas

Scouted: Website submittal

State: Texas

Age: 19

Height: 5’9.5″

Hobbies: Shopping, dance and fashion

Lauren D. from Utah by Tessa Barton

Photographer: Tessa Barton

Courtesy of Trudi Tapscott Model Management

Scouted by Erin Olson

Amber Robertson by Calvin Ma

Photographer: Calvin Ma

Courtesy of Stars Model Management


Gina Wiberg – Her Story

by Trudi Tapscott

 It is surprising to me when someone who wants to be a model is under the impression that you are “plucked” from your hometown and somehow with magical dust will become a famous model. Or that a scout or an agency will see one family snapshot and determine you are the next big thing.

 Turning potential into an actual model takes time, guidance, patience and hard work. It doesn’t happen in one photo shoot.

 Recently, it occurred to me that the most interesting part of scouting is the process of a model evolving from a beginner to coming into her own, and feeling like a model. That single moment when we know she is ready to handle the job and the business.

 Gina Wiberg, from Utah, recently appeared on the show Scouted on the E! Channel with Erin Olson, who scouted her.

From the beginning, Erin knew that Gina had something special and uniquely different, but that she wasn’t ready. If what a scout sees doesn’t come through in a picture it is difficult to present a model to the best agencies.

First clue, this is a subjective business and timing is everything.

This is the first picture that Gina sent to Erin in November of 2010.

Erin immediately contacted Gina and started the process of explaining how it works and what she needed to do. First step was to get her hair back to its natural color. So in a few weeks, Gina sent this image to Erin.

Erin continued talking to Gina, and her parents, and they did a couple practice digital sessions so that Gina could learn how to move in front of the camera and what were her best angles. Gina had not finished growing at this point.

 In March of 2011, I came to visit Erin in Salt Lake City to meet all of her finds. At that time we were in the process of merging her scouting company and my management company. During that visit I met Gina. I took a couple quick digitals of her at my hotel to have as a reference for further conversations. We asked her to arrive with her hair natural.

Gina’s personality was always a huge asset. But she had some work and practice to do focusing on how to hold her head and her mouth.

At this point, it was clear that Gina had potential, and we discussed her hair and ways to increase her confidence. After a few digital sessions with Erin our goal was to test her with a local photographer so when she turned 16 we had material to present to agencies. Ironically, the local photographer didn’t happen first.

Erin spent a lot of time encouraging Gina and teaching her what to do. The next digital photo session, Gina was more relaxed and had her first walking lesson with Erin.

At this point, I started sending out Erin’s digitals of Gina. Agents felt that she was pretty and had good proportion but they weren’t convinced that she was ready. In other words, they weren’t quite sure. Then Gina had the opportunity to shoot with Chadwick Tyler, a NY based photographer who came to Salt Lake City. After this shoot, Gina was excited and committed to become a model. Shooting with Chadwick was a personal lesson and fun. He spent a lot of time with her. Each step, from the beginning to the present, is subtle and a transition that is impossible to explain without images.

Gina’s special and different qualities began to shine. She grew an inch over the summer, which gave her confidence, and her body proportion slimmed out. Gina was invited to participate in Salt Lake City’s Fashion Night Out event and be part of the advertising campaign.

The image that resulted from Gina’s participation on the TV show Scouted shows how Gina has grown. She is still the same, but different, relaxed and confident. That night after this photo shoot with Danny Christensen Gina called me, and her enthusiasm and excitement was through the roof. It was definitely a moment that gave both Erin and I a huge smile.

When Gina came home from New York, I wanted her to keep working in front of the camera. She was planning to go back to New York in the spring or summer and I wanted her to continue testing. So she worked with a great Salt Lake City based photographer Tessa Barton. These are a few images from that session.

The point is that it didn’t happen over night. Now Gina is very conscious of what it takes on the part of a model to create a great picture. Every shoot she gets better and although still a beginner in the eyes of most, we are so very proud of her diligence, enthusiasm, positive attitude and ability to understand verbal direction and put it to use. Beyond her beauty, Gina has great people skills, is confident, doesn’t take herself to seriously, treats it as a business and laughs a lot.

All we have to say is Holy Cow!

Gina is represented by Stars Model Management in California and One Model Management in New York

Katrina F. Update

Wyatt in Kenton Magazine “A Man’s World”


STYLIST // Erin Olsen

HAIR & BEAUTY // Janelle Corey

Courtesy of Trudi Tapscott Model Management

Wyatt is represented by IMG Worldwide


Gina Wiberg was “Scouted” by Erin Olson

Gina is represented by Trudi Tapscott Model Management

She recently appeared on the TV show Scouted

She has also been signed with Stars Model Management in California

Photographer: Danny Christensen

Amber B. by Danny Christensen for Scouted on the E! Network

Photography by Danny Christensen

Courtesy of Scouted on the E! Network

Scouted by Erin Olson


“From the moment I started working in New York, I was in Trudi’s hands. I feel so lucky she was the one to be involved in every step of my career since then. Her decisions were motivated by her years of experience and what was the best for me. We were more than a model and an agent as we became (and still are) very good friends. I was so comfortable to ask her ANYTHING! And to talk about everything. She made me feel important and protected; Trudi would bring the wall down for me! And we had so much fun and we laughed and laughed. I still have Trudi as my friend and I miss her so much as my agent. I am jealous of the girls that have the opportunity to work with her now.”

Edita Vilkeviciute – Model with Dna Model Management and Viva Model Management


Come and meet Erin Olson this Saturday in Salt Lake City.
Open call information below….
She is scouting for models and also casting for the Newphoria New Years runway show being held in SLC.Where: Bohme Boutique at Southtowne mall
Date: Dec 17 (this Saturday)
Time: 10am to 11am
You don’t need to bring anything except yourself.
GET SCOUTED!Must be over 5.7 and at least 15 years old. Hope to see you there!

 — withSammys Provo and Trudi Tapscott.