You Just Got Scouted


By Trudi Tapscott

It might happen that a stranger approaches you and asks if you have ever considered modeling? Maybe at your track meet, in the mall, at the county fair, or at the grocery store, someone walks up to you, and asks that simple question. It can happen anywhere.

Scouts are always looking for new talent, and the reason is simple, the business is always looking too. And the process of evaluation once you find someone who has potential takes time. You might think about modeling but don’t know how to start or find out. Or, as is in most cases, you aren’t sure if you truly could make it as a fashion model. A scout might be the first person who suggests that you could. And that is because they see you in person and have the opportunity to get to know you. We only scout for women, as it is our history and success.

Not all scouts are the same. The best ones have a background in the business and have a successful track record. And they become your coach to prepare you. They see your potential, know how to guide you, teach you and show you how to develop as a model. Getting the concept of being a model and being photographed takes time to get it right. Many talented people with potential are not ready right away, but the scout sees and imagines what could happen. You may have the physical attributes but are unable to show it in pictures. The right type of confidence takes practice and an open personality.

A good scout does not charge you a fee for advice or management or classes. We do the work with the hopes of developing you until the time is right. It is a subjective business and requires good advice for great results. It also requires good and honest communication. We get pictures from all over the world, and when I ask for more, I really do mean I would like to see more. I always know when I receive a reply it is someone who is serious. We can’t do it for you, and it takes a persistent desire to achieve becoming a model.

Erin Olson recently commented on what she sees when scouting in a public place, “When I go scout there are three things I look for: height, body, face.  In that order.  Once you have those three you have a potential supermodel.”

How you photograph and your personality, your body and many other elements start to be evaluated and taken into consideration. Your age and your family are also taken into account. I love to see personal videos, as they are the greatest element to practice and learn how to be comfortable in front of the world. And show your personality beyond a digital.

The scout will be in touch on a regular basis and work with you and your parents on digitals, video updates, and teaching you what to expect. Then your potential is truly evaluated. Your photographs and personality determine whether you may or may not have a career in the modeling business. Timing and proper introductions to key people is the next step. There are steps to take and knowing when to take them is the most important part. I like to take my time in this process so that our models are best prepared.

Good agents are looking for something special, beyond beauty, and a unique style that makes you different than anyone else. Confidence takes time and practice. The more practice and more material is an ongoing activity for scouts and models. If you get it, then things can move forward.

We coach and coach and scout non-stop. Constantly working with teens to get them ready and improve on their natural beauty while turning it into a natural instinct. Understanding how to stand, how to move, how you are the most photogenic, all takes time. No one is ready right away. This is a challenging business that requires you to want it with your dedication as much as you want it in your dreams.

It is not for everyone and it is a challenge to make it to the top. It is a business. It is fashion and it is fun. We are a small personal scouting, management and development company that cherishes our ability to work with our models one on one.  And we take them, and what we do very seriously.

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And we look forward to seeing and meeting you soon.